Cheer On MK

Cheering on Kelly Hopkinson - Wellbeing Champion, Mum, Business Owner, Ted talkerer!

January 23, 2020

Kelly talks so honestly about the difficulties of 'the juggle'.  Mum of two and a school teacher passionate about inspiring young children; Kelly was really struggling and was eventually signed off with stress.  But she started to find little habits that really helped her to feel calmer and more connected.  Realising the power of small habits in her own life, she wanted to influence others and so started her yoga teacher training and took her ideas to the TEDx stage to get the message across.  Because grown ups are the ones who need to show our kids the way.  This conversation is packed with tips to help us all manage in today's busy world.

You can get in touch with Kelly and find out more from her via her website

Or look for her on instagram and facebook under kellyhopkinsonyoga

Or check out her TEDx talk here

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